Our History

#RespetaMiGente is a continuation of the #QueVoteMiGente voter mobilization campaign, the non-partisan coalition of advocacy and community organizing groups that promotes the issues important to Puerto Ricans as one of the newest influential demographics in the past 2016 election. The coalition uses in-person organizing tactics on the ground in Central Florida, as well as innovative digital outreach to reach an unprecedented number of Puerto Ricans in the crucial districts of Central Florida, including one million homes in predominantly Puerto Rican communities, 15 million digital impressions, and outreach to over 2,000 LGBTQ Latinxs in Florida with GOTV messaging in English and Spanish in collaboration with Grindr for Equality.

Puerto Rican turnout had significant down-ballot impact in 2016, delivering victories to Darren Soto, the first Puerto Rican congressman from Florida, Amy Mercado and Victor Torres who serve in the Florida State House and Senate, respectively, and Emily Bonilla who sits on the Orange County Board of County Commissioners, making her the first Puerto Rican Democrat elected to that office. Florida candidates that engaged and prioritized Puerto Rican outreach and issues tapped into a growing political force. After the 2016 presidential election, they established themselves as a new force in American politics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is #RespetaMiGente?

#RespetaMiGente is a coalition of national and local groups organizing to promote the issues important to Puerto Ricans, one of the newest influential demographics in the 2018 election. #RespetaMiGente focuses on digital storytelling, national advocacy, and local grassroots organizing in Central Florida through voter registration and mobilization campaign efforts.

Why that logo?

Our logo features the iconic Puerto Rican image of the coquí to promote political participation and foster a conversation among Puerto Rican leaders about the importance of political participation.


Why Florida and Why Puerto Ricans?

The Puerto Rican vote will be pivotal in Florida's I-4 corridor, a region that can help decide the midterm elections in Florida. The next Congress will have not only an opportunity but an obligation to redefine Puerto Rico’s future. Florida voters will have a critical role in deciding the priorities of the next Congress. By 2020, Puerto Ricans will comprise the largest Hispanic group in the state of Florida and will have the power to remake Florida politics for years to come.

Puerto Rico could lose roughly 470,000 residents between 2017 and 2019 and the majority will resettle in Florida. The Puerto Rican vote, and that of Latinos in swing districts and states around the country, will decide this midterm election.